A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Vine Worlds is the out-of-this-world sequel to last year's Vine Realms!

Grab your space suit and join your fellow cadets on an adventure to discover the mysteries of the cosmos!

We got:

- Worlds?

 Totally awesome cool new places to find totally awesome references!

- Multiplayer?

 Play with hundreds of other explorers on your journey, as long as the servers don't crash!

- Emotes?

 WAY more than are necessary! Good luck with that 100% completion!


 Yeah we got more of those too! Dozens upon dozens of quirky characters, now in space!

-Early Access Features* ? Nobody asked for these and we didn't listen! Play mini games, get things**!

-Anything else?

Community content! That's right, you helped us make this. :)

More great music, more wonderful art, more fantastic Unity bugs!

Also it's bigger than last year, that counts right?

* Updates not guaranteed

** These features are provided as is and may be hazardous, they should be used at the gamer's own discretion

This game was made for the Vinesauce Is Hope 2021 Charity Event by the Vine Worlds Volunteer Dev Team.

With a little help from the community!

Read the manual while it downloads!

Check out the OST! (DL links in the description)

Thanks for playing!


VineWorlds- 3 GB
Version Aug 30, 2021
VineWorlds- 3 GB
Version Aug 29, 2021
VineWorlds- 3 GB
Version Aug 29, 2021

Development log


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will we have another return to the realms event

Going to the carnival zone teleporter merges it with the hub world, causing a glitchy unplayable mess.

Same, happened when playing it the first time.

I was late to the party but the game is still great :)

i just came back after 1 year and why does no one play this anymore? it died so fast

We are hosting a return event this coming Saturday and Sunday August 27th and 28th for both vine realms and vine worlds. So if you want to play with a bunch of people on, we will be playing soon!


hey dude so did i miss it? i probably did

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This is art.


is there gonna be a chat thing soon?


i love this game


Where can I listen to the shop music?


The shop tune is from this: 




I know, Twinpost, but this Soundtrack NEEDS to get onto spotify etc. I keep revisitting the Game for the Music alone.


not sure if you found it already since this is an old post, but the soundtrack is available on spotify now. we had some distribution issues that are still in the process of getting resolved, so if it looks like it got taken down from spotify at any point just know it should be back up not that long after

Thanks for the heads up :)

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Any chance we can get a dedicated Server Applet for this so we can host Multiplayer Games in Private, and also for preserving the functionality for when the original Servers inevitably go down, at some point?

I know I'm 8 months late, but this is actually still in the pipeline,. Currently, you can actually run the game in server mode with the -server command line switch, but it won't be headless. I do want to make public available headless servers for this and Realms though.

Works mostly beautifully on Linux! Incredibly polished game, nice work to everyone involved.

I know the readme says "no support/guarantee we can help" for Linux users, but I figured it can't hurt to show something that seems not quite right. Some stuff displays as a magenta blob!

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It looks like only the signs near the hub areas are affected by this.

i'm experiencing this on the mac build too! some of the tree textures are just completely black as well, like there's nothing there

The final zone is broken. It spawns in the hub ever time. pls fix I wanna get fren

Are you playing Singleplayer or Multiplayer?


I also have the same problem, playing on a laptop running Windows 11 Home Edition


I gotta say, I LOVE Vine Worlds. The game's quality, the memes, the levels, all of it! The team behind it obviously put a lot of love and care into the game and it's beautiful.

Only complaint I would have with Vine Worlds is I wish there was a more obvious radar for missing emotes or a hint system to help you find the last few emotes you're missing. (Or even just a text file cheat sheet somewhere in the game's files.) Perhaps you can only get hints/a radar once you get all the gacha collectables? Gives players a reason to keep earning/spending money and helps the completionists.

I'm missing only 1 or 2 emotes in a couple areas and the areas can be so expansive and full of NPCs that it feels impossible to find the last couple emotes even after exploring the whole map multiple times (especially in the last area, which btw I adore). Just something to help singleplayer people out would be awesome.

Sorry for such a long comment, but keep up the good work!

I cant extract the game I keep getting an error 

If you want help, you might consider leaving some details on what kind of error. :P My guess is that the zip might be corrupted for you though, so try downloading it a second time.

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The Happy Emote Saleshroom in Knowhere near the shrimp lady is bugged, can't talk to him to get revGalaxy. This is the only bug the game has and I just found out about it randomly, otherwise I would've spent more time looking for it by myself.

This is fixed in

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I really want to enjoy lazer grid, but it drops my fps from 30 down to 5. Making it near impossible to play. Good source of free coinage though :3


Idea, maybe could be implemented in a future update: Replace the Minigame cycle with a feature that lets someone pick one of the minigames. When they do, server-goers have 10-15 seconds to join in. once the time is up, someone else is free to pick a minigame. 

Additionally, it could be worth setting up a screen or two in Heart of the Galaxy telling players if a minigame is in waiting, and how much time they have to join. In fact, using the "return home" feature, you could set them up in a few big-traffic spots in the worlds. Like the VSS-Tums Stairwell, or the side of a building in Hi-Oxidar, or even a few set up as corner signs in Outer Wildwood's main boardwalk. (if this is the case, roughly 30 seconds would probably be better.)

All of that said, I hope this doesn't come across as "Make gaem better blease! Make schut!" or anything. It's just a cool Idea I had, I wouldn't want to give any devs more work to do if they didn't want anymore. Game development isn't easy, no matter the game. It's a really great game as is regardless. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

Is it normal that my download speed went down to 0 kbs at 63%?


Even after the update to lazer grid, it's still impossible for me to complete. My brain legitimately cannot parse out where I'm supposed to go with all the other scenery making everything blur together. I tried for a full 2 hours. It might be possible without the grid chasing me but that defeats the purpose of the minigame. I guess I'll just have to settle for not getting all the emotes, shame because it's the last one I need.

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You're not alone. Trying to get the last emote is legitimately one of the most frustrating gaming experiences I've ever had. It's fine to have a challenging minigame, but putting an emote at the very end of it was honestly a huge mistake. None of the other emotes are even remotely difficult to collect. I really hope they fix this, because making the grid move slower was not enough of a solution. If they don't change it significantly, I'd imagine a huge portion of players will never get the final emote, myself included. After about 30 hours of trying to get it, I give up.

If you haven't tried yet, I would recommend using the moving platform near the arcade cabinet to throw yourself up into the air. Also agree that it's a really difficult emote, the new update helped me just barely reach the emote before the grid hit me.

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In what way would that work if it phases through you anyway? I've tried that at least twice and it only goes through me, standing or jumping. *update, okay so now I don't phase right through it anymore but I have to stand on the right spot. Still to get away from the grid is irritating considering I can't find as many shortcuts as floor is lava, which is the only minigame I could complete but there's nothing up top sadly.


Hey there, I'll admit when I made Lazer Grid the intention was for it to be very difficult but still beatable. At the time I figured that some people just wouldn't be able to get it, and since it was the only emote in the game that required mega-gamer-skills it would be fine. I still kinda feel that it's ok considering the other 190 emotes don't really require any kind of hardcore platforming challenge, but at the same time it bums me out to see people are sort of having their enjoyment of the game ruined by not being able to get my dev emote. We already made Lazer Grid easier twice, but it's still challenging, even more so with controller. 

I'm not planning on making any changes to Lazer Grid but after seeing comments here and in Discord I may come up with an alternative way to get the emote that is still a challenge, but more of an exploration one. Not making any promises, but it could be something as a potential future update that would be a fun thing for people who have already completed the game to also try and figure out. No promises, but it could be a fun post game update if I have the time to add something, plus maybe a fun new reward for people who already 100%'d the game.

I appreciate the feedback though. I didn't think it would be so frustrating for people, but I get how being 1 away from 100% completion would suck.

I'm thrilled that there is a Linux build now, but is it possible at all to export my Windows save data so I don't have to start from scratch?

Save data is saved using Unity's PlayerPrefs. For Windows, PlayerPrefs is stored in the registry. I'm not sure where it's saved on the Linux player. You could definitely pull it over by-hand but we don't have an easy way to do it, sorry.

Understandable. My research suggested that was probably the case. Fantastic game! Thank you!!

On Linux, the preferences are saved in $HOME/.config/unity3d/Variety is Hope/VineWorlds/ and it looks like the preferences are available in plain XML in the prefs file in that directory. So you can export the registry entries as a .reg file, then open and compare both in a text editor and change the properties in the prefs XML accordingly.

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I have no idea what effects are used in lazer grid, but I get single digit FPS in it while getting 60 everywhere else. I could try turning off post-processing I guess? Very odd.

Also, is there somewhere to download the soundtrack like last year?

We'll be putting up a soundtrack soon(ish).

Can I get information on your hardware? CPU/GPU.

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Intel Core i5-3570K (3.4 GHZ)

GeForce GTX 960 (4 GB VRAM)

Unity settings are set to high. My CPU is quite old, but still odd it's such a drastic drop.

The game was great fun though, and thanks for getting the soundtrack out there.


Linux plox?

Linux build is live!

Hello! I have a question: will this game ever run on 32-bits system?


We can't support 32-bit Windows, sorry.

Morshu's Hat shows the wrong select icon in the list

anyways sorry I talk so much


Also, could you make chat freeman into a playable avatar/character if he isn't one already, one way I think you could get him would be talking to him enough times, like 10 times in a row or something, and on the tenth time something would be slightly different in his text, like instead of '...' it could be '...?'

could you post images of some of the characters (namely hazard/slime cadet and chat freeman) online somewhere?


Really love this game. Only complaint right now is that the kill grid in laser grid goes up so quickly that it is pretty much impossible to get all the way to the top. 


Being tweaked very soon. Next update.

Great, thank you!


tried to play the mini games but it would just keep loading endlessly

We're working in it. Singleplayer should work for now.


One Suggestion:
After getting 100% of the Morshu Items, the gatcha machine could give the message "SORRY NOTHING"
With a random small chance of giving an extra floating headgear that also says "SORRY NOTHING"

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I think I ran into some potential bugs, which is odd because I could have sworn I had no issue with these previously. (I tried checking version 1.0 and it was bugging out the same as the current one).

In Wildwood I noticed that if I jump in the water along the beach, even the one close to the club, I sort of clip through the water a little and you sort of see under it as if that part of the stage is missing. Considering how glitchy it looks (especially when trying to go to the club) and difficult it makes it to jump out this didn't seem intentional.

The other that I also discovered in Wildwood but seems to effect other areas are coming in contact with just about any moving object. Your character/the object seems to glitch out and start stuttering/shaking. Many times this seems to cause either the object or you to get flung. When I tried jumping on the tram car it would stutter and slow down, and sometimes just disappear. And I was almost never able to ride the Ferris Wheel for more than about 10 seconds, as I would then either suddenly clip through it, or get yeeted so fast and far out of bounds that the game doesn't even realize I have gone OOB and I have to manually respawn.

This seemed to be happening with the pistons in The Anomaly too, which is odd since I had gone through that level several times previously with no problem, but now I could not manage to get past them as I would keep clipping through them.

It seems to be slightly more stable when playing offline, but it was having issues both singleplayer and multiplayer.


The jitter can't really be fixed without possibly breaking a bunch of stuff sadly. 

The platforms snapping around makes no sense in singleplayer as that code doesn't run in singleplayer. Those objects "snapping" is a client > server sync issue. 

I should be able to improve the resync so instead of just snapping, it lerps over time. 

Also, what is the ping it says on the title screen? 

I don't recall what the ping was back then, but if I were to check now it says 42ms for the server I was on.

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I'm getting quite a few consistent crashed on level 69 - seems to happen when I look in the direction of the moving cars?
My GPU is integrated - Intel Core i5-4570, I also have 16gb RAM. I'm playing on Medium settings with post-processing turned off.

Fixed!! Lovely game :)

Can you send over a crash log? Narry on the Vinesauce Discord. 

Game crashed my entire PC upon entering the level 69 area.

What are your specs?


The lack of a controller Y-Axis look inversion makes it difficult for me to play.


Will look into adding this!

I cannot change the accessories. What looks like the selection keeps changing or defaulting to accessories I did not choose. At this point I dont even know if they are even selected as they just change upon switching menus...

You need to select your accessory and then click the button in the bottom right to equip it. Each tab only shows the item for that tab in the preview. 

how do you unlock the rest of the head/chest/hand accessories? The gachapon thing now costs 400,000,000 bintybucks. Also, are the minigames bugged for now? It doesn't finish loading

Same here on the gacha mechanic, I can't spin the wheel anymore because it costs so much. I'm positive I haven't gotten everything from it yet.

Can you link a screenshot. It's currently 400 per spin.


I can confirm with the OP on this.

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Hey! Try restarting the game and it should fix itself. 

Actually I just restarted the game and now it's back to 400. Weird bug!


V-Sync can't be enabled, turning it on does nothing and when I restart the game it appears to have unchecked the checkbox


Thanks for the report! Will look into it.

Is anyone else having trouble with crashes? I'm playing this on my Mac via Windows Boot-camp and the game runs smoothly, but every now and then it freezes and I have to reset. It happens after about 15 or 30 minutes of playtime.

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Can you possibly send a log file? Reach out to Narry in the Vinesauce Discord with the file.

Absolutely loving this! Only problem I seem to have is going into the last area. Sometimes, the game restarts itself by going back to title screen or just reloads me into the lobby.

We're working on fixing issues linked to areas having trouble loading. For now, if a region won't load, try singleplayer or a different server. We hope to have a solution very soon!

Thank you! That worked just fine. ^^

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