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Hey! I know this game is quite old, but I wanted to revisit it on my new laptop. Is there any way to transfer my save over from my old one? I use to have so much fun with this game. :)

Have you added the graphics customization yet?

I really wanna try this game but my PC is bad.


The game has had the ability to change graphics settings from the main menu since a the 1.1 update.  Is it not launching at all for you?

i cant download it, sad

when im downloading the game, at some random point it says "you dont have the permission to download it" and i dont know why :(


nvm it already downloaded


very nice

Great game, very cute! The credits (when clicked on the main menu) scroll REALLY REALLY fast, though. I kept calling the Emote Salesman "David Hayter", and I wanted to see who he was voiced by.

This appears to be a bug that snuck in with the 1.1.1 update. If we release another patch, it'll be fixed. The full credits are linked on this page as well.

i dont suppose you could let the arrow keys control movement as well as wasd??? im left handed so wasd is difficult for lil ol me

Are you going to add Joel's original text for his character after the joke he does? Would love to see what you had written for Joel originally before his dad joke, if possible.

Is there any way to invert the mouse?

Not built in.

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can you add the option to change the graphics? i use a horrible computer so i probably can't run the game


We're currently working on a patch which'll include graphics options on the main menu.

Anyone else having issues with the mac version trying to run it on a macbook air and my computer just restarts everytime.

When does it restart? When the game launches? When you join a server? Any info you have helps.

hey i need some controller isnt being detected at all by the game and i dont know how to fix it, can you tell me how to set it up to play the game?

What kind of controller are you using & what operating system are you on?

I've found with my Xbox One Controller it has to be turned on and connected before I launch the game. Also that it doesn't have a function in the main menu, you'll need your mouse to start the game in either Single player or Multi player (but the pause menu works fine with it.)

If you turn it on/connect it while the game is already running, restarting the game should have it recognize it.
Just for information, I use an Xbox One controller with the wireless adapters and Windows 10 as my OS. This may be of influence in your case.

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Any way to modify the graphics from the main menu? Asking so I can run the game either from a window mode or at lower graphical settings

Also any way to make a Chromebook compatible version? Asking for a friend who's not that well versed with Linux and has a Chromebook

Chromebook is a no-go, but the incoming update we're working on will most likely include graphics configuration from the main menu.

Unfortunately Chromebooks are not full-blown Linux systems, otherwise you would just be able to run the Linux binary.

This getting a steam release with achievements would be a dream.

Is there anywhere I can access the texture assets for characters? I just love their designs, and kinda want to use them as Discord profile pictures...

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Which character? I can point you to the artist who drew them.

Does anybody know why I can't go any faster than this?


Okay, my Shift key just was not working. Solved it now orz.

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Here is my emote guide, don't use it unless you need help.


How might people be able to volunteer to help with a 2021 game? A development discord or something?


Follow VarietyIsHOPE on twitter and keep an eye out for when they do volunteer applications. It's usually around November/December.


lmao i was just reinstalling itch on wine and there's a linux build now, thank u based (on WHAT) vinerealms devs

I was playing the Linux Version and for some reason the illumination on the cave area is a little broken haha


Looks like the heightfog shader isn't playing nice with Linux. Will look into it for a patch.

Doodle Dip in hell.


where is the last crossroads emote? i've looked all over and i cant find it


PogChamp KermiePls vineScoot

Linux release! Yay!

Any chance of this getting an update with remappebale controls? The shift key is hard to reach with my finger placement. I tried using software to rebind the key but that didn't work.

Remappable controls is a little outside the scope of our post launch updates right now because of how unity's default control handling works. We are looking into adding an toggle run feature in the options menu that might help your situation.


much love!

What computer requirements would be the neccesary to play?


From a quick test on this laptop here, I can say it runs rather smoothly on "high" quality settings. The FPS suffers a bit on "Ultra" though.,

My specs on this laptop are:

- AMD Ryzen 7 2700U


- Integrated VEGA 10 Graphics


The readme in the download mentions that the lowest spec they tested with was a machine running an Athlon II X2 and a GT 520.


Thanks for the help!

What did you guys use for a sound library? I am hearing a lot of old game audio and ambiance and would really like to know what library that is from.


Several came from The Original General Series 6000 sound effect library. Some of the sounds are open source now and some aren't but they were used in lots of games in the 90s, like Everquest, Daggerfall, Arena, Warcraft games, even Super Mario 3D Land used the same ding sound as Everquest. You can still purchase a license to the library today, or find the ones that are publicly available. 

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I suspected it might be the General 6000!

A lot of the Daggerfall / Arena / EQ sounds were a huge nostalgia blast. If you know which ones those came from or what public library i'd love to be directed towards it as I really would like to get my hands on a copy of them.

I'm trying to remember what game the "emote get" trumpet fanfare is from but I'm blanking. It's something I played as a kid. If anyone remembers I'd be very grateful if you could tell me which game it was. I feel like it was a game where you just clicked around on stuff.

Where is save data stored? I want to transfer it to a different pc


in the meat

Hey just wanted to let folks know that Vine Realms runs in WINE on Arch Linux but has issues with lighting on all but the lowest graphics preset. Also the game completely loses all input if the window is ever de-focused, requiring the game to be hard-closed and re-launched.

Thank you guys for all the creativity and work you put into this. My family is currently facing an electrical shortage but I've been playing when I can and am really enjoying it.


Glad you're able to enjoy it! We just posted a Linux build. I was unable to test it as I don't have a desktop Linux system set up at the moment, but the Mac build has been reported as working fine so this should as well.

The Linux build works great, thanks!

Can I get specs & drivers? I got a report of issues with a person running Noveau but they didn't get me any specific info. 

Nouveau drivers tend to be hit or miss in general, so I can't really judge there. But it works well with the proprietary Nvidia drivers on my GTX 1660 Ti.

Good to know that it's fine on proprietary. Thanks.




this is pretty Based



guys what is this bbbbased on

vinesauce :)

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Awesome! It even works in WINE on Linux (at least for me), unless I tab out and back in, in which case I can't interact with the client at all lol. Thanks to all the developers and the rest of the Variety is Hope team for doing something brilliant this summer. This is very fun.

Very awesome game, It's been running fine for the most part so far on my low-end 6 y/old laptop with integrated graphics & 6 GB RAM on the lowest settings. I have just run into a major issue though. On multiplayer, whenever I enter the cursed cave and reach the second fork in the road, a glowing blue rectangle glitches onto the ground in front of me and my laptop freezes & the game crashes. I only visited this area twice so far and have yet to test this on single player,  but both times yielded the same result and I cannot proceed anywhere past that point.

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I know this probably directly correlates to my hardware being poop and I'll continue to troubleshoot it later if needed, but I'm wondering if this is something that could be fixed/worked around (or if anyone else is experiencing the same problem!)

We are looking into putting in a global option to disable all post processing effects. It sounds like the height fog effect in the Caves is causing the crash, so disabling that would potentially fix it. Make sure to follow and keep an eye out for updates.

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Excellent, keep us posted! That very well could be it. Thank you for the incredible love and dedication you guys are pouring into this project! I've been fan of Vinesauce for almost 5 years now and this game is one of the most exciting things to ever come out of the charity event :)

Small edit a day later: Game also crashes for me when I enter Vinetoad Kingdom at all, possibly for the same reason as above.

I love this, thank you for making this


IEnjoy :)

Will this still be available after vinesauce is hope? It'd be a shame if it was just shut down in a few days.


Yes, the itch page will remain up and we will keep an official server hosted. You can also play single player or host your own servers!

Nice, thank you!

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